15 Sep 2023

What to wear to the Chiropractor?

patient with back pain

When gearing up for a chiropractic appointment, especially if it’s your first time, the attire can be a point of ponder. You might wonder, ‘What should I wear for my chiropractic treatment?’ or ‘Will I need to undress during the session?’ 

These are some common queries we encounter, second to the most asked question about our parking facilities.

At your initial appointment a comprehensive examination is conducted, focusing on your nerves, muscles, and joints. In certain cases, an x-ray may be necessary for a more accurate assessment. For this, we’ll provide you with a gown to wear. Thus, it’s crucial to wear underwear for this appointment. Post this, the gown becomes optional and is typically only required for your very first visit. We understand that knowing what to expect at a chiropractic appointment can be quite reassuring, and so, we’ve penned down some insights here.

What should you wear to follow-up Chiropractic appointments?

While the first session might require you to wear a gown, your follow-up sessions at Kasa Chiropractic are much more relaxed. Your everyday clothes, be it sweatpants, leggings, or even yoga pants, will serve the purpose. Stretchy materials are always a plus, ensuring ease of movement.

We often get asked about specific clothing items:

Jeans & Dress Shoes

‘Is it okay to wear jeans or dress shoes?’ Absolutely! Our chiropractors can work seamlessly around them. However, comfort is paramount and patients often remove their shoes before an appointment.  

Bras & Sports Bras 

Ladies often ask, ‘Should I wear a bra?’ Yes, bras, including sports bras, won’t hinder our chiropractic adjustment procedures. If any adjustments to clothing are necessary, we’ll guide you.


While small jewellery items like bracelets or necklaces won’t usually get in the way, it’s advisable to avoid wearing bulky pieces that might obstruct the treatment.

Shirts & Sweaters

Winter months might see you in thick sweaters, and that’s completely fine. You can keep your shirt or sweater on. If there’s a need to adjust, our team will notify you.


‘What about hairstyles?’ you might wonder. Any hairstyle is suitable. However, for those with longer hair, a simple ponytail or bun can be convenient, especially during neck adjustments to avoid getting tangled.

Booking your appointment at Kasa Chiropractic, Bristol, is easy! We have two conveniently located Bristol clinics. Reach out to us at 0117 313 5317 or book your slot online. Dive deeper into our array of chiropractic services here. We’re eager to provide you the best in chiropractic care!


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