Our Pricing Explained

Our chiropractic prices simply explained. No hidden costs. What you see is what you will pay.

Chiropractic Care in Bristol

We’ll start with a full case history of your complaint, then carry out a complete Chiropractic examination assessing your spine, joints, nerves and muscles. If they’re needed, we’ll take x-rays (additional cost). We’ll then book you in for a Report of Findings.

This is when we go through everything we’ve found from our consultation and examination. We’ll talk you through the problem, go through the x-ray (if we took them), what we can do to help, how many sessions you’ll need, and how much it’ll cost. All for free.

Your treatment carried out by one of our highly qualified Chiropractors.

Sports Massage

A sports massage or holistic massage by our talented and qualified sports massage therapists.

Because sometimes half an hour just isn’t enough.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Like a mix of a sports massage and a physio session. Find out what’s causing your knee or elbow pain and get it fixed up with a combination of massage, dry needles, cupping, taping and exercises.


Using our own in-house digital x-ray machines, we can instantly assess the alignment of the spine and pelvis, view any wear and tear (osteoarthritis) and rule out the nasty stuff.

Additional areas are charged at £25.

We’ll share tips on how best to look after your spine and how to get the most out of any chiropractic treatment you may be having with us. It’ll help you get better quicker and stay better for longer. Win-win.

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