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Crystal and Craig - patients since 2018
Josh - patient since 2017
Rose - patient since 2021
Zuzana - patient since 2020
Jo - patient since 2015
Farai - patient since 2019

Your partner for better health

You want to get back to being you. To living your life the way you want to. Free to move, free to move on. Free from pain and discomfort. And that’s why we do everything we do.

Our Approach

How can we help?

We want everyone to experience the joys and benefits of chiropractic - and we’d love to help you get back to being you again.

Our Chiropractic Services
  • Low back pain
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Muscle Spasms
Our services
My sessions with Charlie have helped me get back to normal sleeping patterns and working without back pain.
I feel better, I sleep better, my posture is better. I recommend Kasa 101%.
young man in a yellow jacket smilng on a pink background
The team at Kasa are friendly and welcoming. They always go the extra mile for you.
I’m walking more, gardening more and sleeping better. Matt knows my weak areas and keeps me as mobile as I am.
Matt puts my bones back together after long shifts at the hospital. He’s now a priceless friend.
After a couple sessions with Charlie I am pain free and I am energised to begin my journey to better health.
After doing my back in, I went to see Charlie. Now I feel much freer and easier in my movement.
My adjustments and soft tissue massage keep me training hard at the gym, which I love.
My daily pain has gone and I’m exercising again. I can’t imagine life without Kasa.
My posture has improved and I can train kettlebells and throw my kids around without pain.
I feel better and sleep better. I have more energy and I’m now back in the gym.
Following loads of falls from horses they’ve sorted my back out really well.
I thought nothing could be done as I had M.E. Now I hardly get headaches, sleep better and I’m dancing pain-free.
Chiropractic and massage has got me back dancing and living my life with movement.
man and woman stood up smiling
Kasa have helped our family through various challenges helping us to feel and be our best whatever life throws at us.
Crystal & Craig
Very very positive, the pain has reduced greatly and my sleep has really improved. Happy days.

Our Clinics

We have two clinics in Bristol.
Here’s where you can find them.