28 Jun 2022

Why Chiropractors Take X-Rays

By Charles Herbert
Spinal X-Ray

There are many things that set Chiropractors apart from other healthcare professionals, but one of them is their ability to take and study x-rays.

It’s similar to the way a mechanic can’t just listen to the engine of your car, they need to lift the bonnet and see what’s under the hood. X-rays give us a great way to see what’s happening under the skin and give us a deeper understanding of what may be causing your problem.

When we take x-rays we are looking for a few things in particular. Firstly, we are assessing the alignment of the spine and pelvis. Is the pelvis rotated causing the spine to curve incorrectly? Is the head sitting forward of the shoulders and causing a loss of the natural curve of the neck? Is the spine curving to the side causing scoliosis?

Next, we are looking at the bones and joints. The main thing we see here is ‘wear and tear’ or, more formally, arthritis. Thinning of the discs that sit between the vertebrae and any extra bone growth from the body trying to stabilise those joints. Although not always associated with pain, the level of arthritis or ‘wear and tear’ shows us the areas of stress the body has been under and for how long it’s been there.

Then, among other important things to check, we rule out any of the nasty things that might be found on x-rays. Very rarely do we find any unwanted surprises, but it’s been life changing when we have.

So, x-rays are a great way to see what your body has been through and the toll that has taken. That then helps us to formulate the correct chiropractic treatment plan and approach to get you back to 100% in the quickest and most effective way.

We have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine in both our chiropractic clinics in Southville and Clifton. Although it’s important to add, we only take x-rays if it is clinically indicated that x-rays are necessary and beneficial to your case.