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Neck pain

Kasa have helped our family through various challenges helping us to feel and be our best whatever life throws at us.
Crystal & Craig


I thought nothing could be done as I had M.E. Now I hardly get headaches, sleep better and I’m dancing pain-free.

Sports injuries

Following loads of falls from horses they’ve sorted my back out really well.


I feel better and sleep better. I have more energy and I’m now back in the gym.
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Lower back pain

My posture has improved and I can train kettlebells and throw my kids around without pain.

Lower back pain

After doing my back in, I went to see Charlie. Now I feel much freer and easier in my movement.

Lower back pain

Matt puts my bones back together after long shifts at the hospital. He’s now a priceless friend.

Lower back pain

I’m walking more, gardening more and sleeping better. Matt knows my weak areas and keeps me as mobile as I am.