Soft tissue therapy

Man receiving chiropractic treatment to his shoulder by a Chiropractic Practitioner at Kasa Chiropractic Bristol.

Soft Tissue Therapy (STT for short) is specifically designed to target and fix the cause of your pain. It’s an active treatment, not a relaxing massage, often used to complement sports massage and Chiropractic care.

At Kasa, we know that getting to the root of the problem is key. So, when it comes to muscular issues, we start by taking a close look at your body’s movement patterns, helping us zero in on the troublemaker – whether it’s a specific muscle or a group of them. The issue could involve tendons, ligaments, muscle imbalances, or mid-muscle belly strains. Our mission? Find the root cause and tackle it head-on.

Once we’ve got the problem in our sights, we use various Soft Tissue Therapy techniques to work our magic. These methods can include active/passive muscle release, joint mobility, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, muscle stimulation, myofascial cupping, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation, and kinesiology taping. Don’t worry – we’ll tailor the chosen technique to your specific issue, easing your pain and helping your muscles or soft tissues get back in tip-top shape.

But Soft Tissue Therapy is more than just a pain-reliever. It can also help prevent injuries by giving you the perfect rehabilitation exercises to support full recovery and returning to the activities you want to do. Plus, STT can boost muscle performance, calm hyperactive muscles, and encourage healthy blood flow – making it a great option for those with circulatory concerns as well.

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