6 Dec 2022

Does chiropractic treatment hurt?

Does Chiropractic treatment hurt

Does chiropractic treatment hurt?

As chiropractors, one of the most common questions we get asked is ‘does it hurt?’. Many people feel nervous about seeking chiropractic care due to fear that the chiropractic adjustments, or ‘manipulation’, may cause them pain either during or after they have been treated. A host of viral videos on social media demonstrating extreme cracking and spinal manipulation has lead many to worry about what exactly chiropractors do!

Most people find Chiropractic Adjustments do not hurt and that they enjoy the instant relief from an adjustment

So what is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a quick, specific thrust delivered by hand to the spinal joints in either your neck, mid/low back or pelvis. Registered UK chiropractors undergo 4-5 years of training in order to learn how to deliver adjustments both safely and with as little discomfort to the patient as possible. We are trained to identify the restricted joints in the spine that may be causing you discomfort – through adjusting the joints we are able to restore movement to the spine and remove pressure from any nerves that may be irritated.

champagne cork popHow does it feel?

During your chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will talk you through all of the techniques they are using, enabling you to feel relaxed and in control throughout. To the patient, the spinal adjustment is felt simply as a quick thrust which may or may not be accompanied by a ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ sound. This simply represents air escaping the joint – much like when you pop open a bottle of champagne!

So is it painful?

The answer is no…usually!

As chiropractors we see people in all different levels of pain, ranging from no pain at all to acute flare ups of chronic complaints. Your chiropractor will always strive to make treatment as comfortable as possible – most of our patients love being adjusted and experience no pain at all. In some cases, particularly when you’re in acute pain, adjustments may be slightly uncomfortable, and you may experience some post-treatment soreness, but this is absolutely normal and all part of the healing process. The most common feeling accompanied with an adjustment is an instant sense of relief and a great feeling as pressure is removed from the nerve and endorphines are released.

Here at The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol, we tailor all of our treatments and techniques to suit you, meaning that whether you’re a builder or boxer, or a new born baby, there’s something we can do to help! Chiropractors now form the third largest regulated healthcare profession and are specialists in treating musculoskeletal complaints, so if you, or any of your family, are experiencing neck or back pain get booked in to see a chiropractor near you!

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