24 Jan 2023

Leaving a Nerve Trapped Is Like Leaving Tulip Bulbs in the Box

By Charles Herbert
person walking through flowers

My tulip bulbs are finally in the ground. For the keen gardeners among you, you’ll know that they should have been planted way back at the end of Autumn. After planting them late the last 3 years, we were determined to plant them early this season. We bought a box of bulbs in October vowing to plant them in November… and completely forgot.

The problem with planting bulbs late is they don’t flower until later on. Despite putting them in at the wrong time, nature still finds a way.

Why is a Chiropractor talking about bulbs?

Despite planting at the wrong time, if you give the bulbs the right conditions – mainly being in soil with moisture – nature will take care of the rest. If we left the bulbs in the box we bought them in then they wouldn’t grow, or worse would rot.

The same is true for the human body. If you give it the right conditions it will grow, it will heal and it will thrive.  Leaving a nerve trapped is like leaving the tulip bulbs in the box and not creating the right conditions for nature to do what it does best.

Key factors for remaining healthy

A tulip bulb needs soil and water; the human body is a bit more complex and needs a bit more. There are several main factors that are good to think about with regards to creating optimal conditions for you to be at your healthiest:

  • Rest – Sleep is when your body heals. Getting consistent 8 hours is important.
  • Nutrition – You are what you eat. Put good stuff in and get good stuff out.
  • Movement – Exercise but more importantly moving regularly not sitting still for hours on end.
  • Positive thoughts – This covers a broad spectrum but in essence love yourself (and your neighbour).
  • Balance – In this case, a balanced spine and well-functioning nervous system –

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