12 Oct 2022

Dr of the Nervous System

By Charles Herbert

What do you think of when you think of a Chiropractor?

When you think about ‘what does a chiropractor do’ – most people think of clicking and popping the spine (known as a chiropractic adjustment), or helping people with back and neck issues. We quite often get called Doctors of the Spine. And whilst this is true, there’s a deeper truth.

It is true we work predominantly with the spine, but we are actually working with the thing the spine protects, and that’s your nervous system. So essentially, chiropractors are Doctors of the Nervous System!

“…the moment your nervous system stops working – you stop working!”

Your nervous system is the most important system in your body. You can patch up your heart and even be put on mechanical hearts or have them replaced. Machines can even keep you breathing artificially if there are serious issues with your lungs. But the moment your nervous system stops working – you stop working!

Life is expressed through your nervous system. It’s your thoughts, it’s what moves your body and controls all your organs, and it’s what regulates you and heals you.

So, although Chiropractors work with the spine they are actually working on your nervous system. That could be un-trapping a nerve for example. There’s also a deeper picture emerging as research continues to explore the power of the Chiropractic Adjustment. Not only does the adjustment help the nerves in the area being adjusted, it also stimulates and resets the brain.

“Chiropractic resets your nervous system and improves the communication between the brain and body.”

And its the effect that the adjustment has on the brain that has the most dramatic effects. Through the adjustments the brain balances and starts to talk to the body more clearly. The communication between the brain and body improves. And great things come from a that.

It’s this reason so many people report other improvements beyond just pain relief. Their energy is better, they sleep better, they’ve seen improvements in their digestion, their mood is better etc.

So remember, Chiropractic resets your nervous system and improves the communication between the brain and body. And a balanced brain and body heals better, regulates better, functions better and most importantly, feels better.

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