31 May 2023

Back Pain and How Your Body Adapts

By Charles Herbert
chiropractor treating a patient for lower back pain

I read an amazing statistic the other day. You need to have a loss of 80% of kidney function before you even have symptoms or an issue shows up on diagnostic tests.

This got me thinking. Firstly, how amazing our body is at adapting! Many people have the idea that our bodies are weak and vulnerable – that the smallest change will throw out the balance. But, the reality is our bodies are incredibly resilient. And the example of how your body can cope with up to 80% loss of kidney function before it even lets you know is a prime example.

The other thing I realised was this statistic most likely transfers to the majority of your body – your liver, your heart, your digestion, etc. So, how long does your back have to adapt before you start to get back pain? This is something I know a lot more about.

How does the body adapt to back pain?

The acute lower back pain that started 3 weeks ago is rarely a 3-week-old problem. Often the clues point back years and sometimes originate as far back as when you were a child or teenager. The body very cleverly adapts. It adapts to the repetitive strain put upon it by repeated movements and spending hours in poor posture. It adapts and adapts until it can’t adapt anymore. And then it tells you there is a problem in the language it knows best – pain.

What does a chiropractor do for lower back pain?

When a patient comes to Kasa our job is to listen to what the body is saying. Our chiropractors specialise in addressing lower back pain by actively listening to the body’s signals, going beyond the immediate symptoms to uncover the root cause of the issue, we not only alleviate the pain and discomfort but also restore balance to your body. 

As a result, we enhance your body’s adaptability to better cope with the daily stresses of life, reducing the likelihood of the issue recurring and preventing other related problems from arising. Our holistic approach focuses on long-term solutions to back pain, to improve your overall well-being.

 Book an appointment at Kasa Chiropractic clinic today! 

Don’t let pain hold you back any longer. If your body is telling you it can’t adapt anymore, perhaps get in contact with us so we can help you get to the root cause of the problem. Let the team of experts at Kasa Chiropractic help you uncover the root cause of your discomfort. 

With our personalised approach and comprehensive care, we will work together to restore balance and improve your body’s adaptability. Contact us today and take the first step towards a pain-free, healthier life. Your body deserves the best care, and we are here to provide it.

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