7 Mar 2022

Goodbye The Chiropractic Centre, Hello Kasa Chiropractic!

We’ve been on an exciting journey the last 9 months redesigning and reinventing who we are and what we stand for.

We love what we have achieved as The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol. The incredible memories of the people we’ve met, the lives we’ve changed and the stories we’ve created.

But, we’ve changed, for the better, and so we felt that our name and image needed to change to reflect that.

Kasa means umbrella in Japanese, and obviously is similar to casa – meaning home in Spanish and Italian. In some other languages it also means safe. We wanted our new name to represent a place where people felt at home and comfortable; somewhere they belonged. Our team feel like a family, and our ever growing members and patients feel like our extended family too. And we feel like the name Kasa represents that.

We also wanted a name that stood out from the rest. The Chiropractic Centre Bristol served us well up to this point but following the last two years a renovation was needed.

As you can tell by our new website we have a whole new look. Both of our clinics have undergone a makeover to match so feel free to pop in and say hello to our team!

We look forward to seeing you at Kasa Chiropractic very soon!

Charlie, Matt & the team