Soft tissue therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy (STT for short) is specifically designed to target and fix the cause of your pain. It’s an active treatment, not a relaxing massage, often used to complement sports massage and Chiropractic care.

We’ll start by taking a close look at your body’s muscular movement patterns. This will help us pinpoint where and what the problem is with a particular muscle or group of muscles. And that problem could be tendon or ligament-related, imbalance in muscle stability or a strain to the mid-muscle belly itself. As always, we’ll look closely to get to the root of the problem.

Once we’ve identified the problem, we get to work on fixing it. STT techniques include active/passive muscle release, joint mobility, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, muscle stimulation, myofascial cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation, and kinesiology tapping. But don’t worry, whichever technique we apply (and it will also be the right one for your specific problem), it will reduce pain and promote a better conditioned muscle or soft tissue. This, in turn, helps to restore its natural ability to function as it should.

And STT can be more than just a pain cure too. It can help to prevent injuries too, by stopping muscular inflammation and strains. It can improve muscular performance and decrease hyperactive muscle too. And it’s also very useful if you have circulatory issues as it helps to promote good blood flow.

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