Parsley A's story

Have been saving graces for different ailments, am so very grateful for their healing and support.

What can I say, both Sarah (chiropractor) and Luke (sports therapist) have been saving graces for different ailments. Sarah, recovered my back when I was prescribed muscle relaxants by the hospital, which I didn't take to well, for what I can only describe as an uncontrollable gangster strut/Russian dance. She has great advice for maintaining care outside of her treatment and is wholly engaged in providing the best care and service. Luke, for an arm that no longer did its job, was patient and considerate as I broke into tears through the pain of my tendinitis and he provided reassurance for my recovery, as long as I took his good advice and rested, and later did the exercises he prescribed. In both of these instances I felt scared about how my body was and am so very grateful for their healing and support.

It can't go without saying that the positive and lifting environment the team creates, from the moment you step in, is what not only makes you feel safe to let your guard down and be honest about your pain, but also welcomes you to see your journey though with them; if the front desk can keep you smiling all through this then they're also doing their bit to keep your spirits high.

We'd love to help you get back to being you again.

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