Becky 's story

Neck Pain

I have returned to regular horse riding and have taken up yoga to improve flexibility.

I first came to the chiropractors in July. I had been having pains in my neck and shoulders and was experiencing frequent migraines for a couple of months when I decided to seek help form a local physiotherapist. After five sessions I was in a very bad way and the physio suggested I see a chiropractor. Co-incidentally my friend had seen Matt and Charlie at her local W.I. giving a talk about their work.

I phoned and was given an appointment the next day. My first consultation was for an x-ray, which showed straight away what my problem was; a trapped nerve due to wear and tear of my vertebrae.
I am a very active person and at that time was riding, doing Pilates, aerobics and lifting weights. I had to stop all of this and I wondered if I would ever get back to any of it. I remember being quite despondent.
Throughout Matt has remained very positive and assured me that I would be able to return to some (if not all) of my former pursuits.

This journey has not been easy and has, at times, been very painful. You absolutely need to stick to the exercises and icing routines, especially at the start as well as coming for regular appointments.
Over a year later I am still having monthly appointments to maintain my state of wellbeing. I have returned to regular horse riding and have taken up yoga to improve flexibility.
It can still be a slightly bumpy ride and there are times when I have stiffness in my neck and the occasional migraine. During these episodes I revert back to my exercise and icing routines and I know that I will be seeing Matt at some point during the month so all will be well!

We'd love to help you get back to being you again.

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