Anna 's story

Lower Back Pain

I am indeed feeling normal with stronger core muscles and virtually painless!

I started seeing Charles in June to treat my back. Injuries first started in school, which occurred as a result of sliding down a flight of stairs on my back. It was a very scary experience for me; I was unable to find treatment that I could trust. Moreover it was difficult for me to verbate this terrifying experience; however, Charles was able to offer me such trust. His smile and his nod to me when I was checking out the surroundings was one reason I chose this clinic.

The decision has proven to be correct. Charles is very good at communication, which boosts confidence in patients, and makes me understand the grand plan of the treatments. In the first treatment, he fixed my uneven leg length. I was very pleased indeed. The diagnosis was a trapped nerve then the treatment plan was full of massage, adjustments, activator technique and rehab exercises at home. In the diagnosis session, part of which was similar to a neurological examination he also found out I had asymmetric knee-jerk reflexes which was a clear indication of neurological damage in the lumbar. One month of treatment later, on the day before my graduation for law school, the reflexes became normal! I cannot be more happy!

Other than my lumbar (lower back) pain and problems Charles also fixed other problems that I was unaware of; twisted spine, rotated hips, out of place ribcage, hurt muscles due to improper utilisation and neck. He was ambitious to make a full recovery of me and treat me fully. I am very lucky to have found him. I am indeed feeling normal with stronger core muscles and virtually painless!

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