15 Nov 2022

Why Would I See a Chiropractor if I Don’t Have Any Pain?

By Charles Herbert

Chiropractors are well known for helping people with neck and back pain. So why do people have regular Chiropractic when they are experiencing no pain?

“Should you only… go to the gym/exercise when you’re out of shape?”

Well, the first reason could be to prevent pain. You’re feeling better and want to take proactive steps to stay feeling better.

The main reason though is, Chiropractic is far more than just about pain. It’s about brain and nerve function. The first ever Chiropractic adjustment in 1895 was actually to restore someone’s hearing. And it came back. In the early days of Chiropractic patients presented with everything you can think of, back and neck pain were low down on the list.

There are a lot of different approaches a Chiropractor can take to address issues in the body. For the most part, they are addressing and balancing the nervous system. Symptoms, such as back and neck pain or headaches, improving are a byproduct of having proper physical balance (brain and nerve function), mental balance and chemical balance.

To the question at the beginning, I ask right back: Why does everyone just accept you should brush and floss your teeth regularly? Should you only brush/floss your teeth when you have cavities? Or only go to the gym/exercise when you’re out of shape?

Why wait until there’s pain (or a problem), which usually indicates that there’s been an issue building up for a long time, before going? Why wouldn’t you want your brain, spine and nerves (the master controller that sends out signals to every organ, tissue and cell) to be working properly all the time?

When your nervous system is fully balanced and sending the perfect signals to your body you feel great, you function great and you heal great. (Check out our tips on relieving neck pain at home to feel even better!)

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