16 Sep 2014

Before you give your kids your iPad, read this!

With the children off school over the summer holidays, it was great to meet some of our existing patient’s kids. For many of them it was the first time they’d seen a chiropractor work their magic, and the popping and clicking captivated the majority. However, those children that were ‘old hat’ with what we do played on an iPhone or iPad. You didn’t have to be a chiropractor to notice the childrens posture when they were hunched over the phone playing Angry Birds or watching Peppa Pig! You can’t help but wonder the influence prolonged periods slouching over these devices will do to young malleable spines. We all say that we were much more active as kids compared to the current generation but I needed to have a look at some of the statistics.

A recent study from this year took a sample of 461 parents with children between the ages of 11-16. 40% of these children had suffered from neck or back pain and, worryingly, 15% of parents said their child’s pain was directly resulting from using technology. Parents suggested a staggering 68% of children spent more than four hours on a laptop, tablet or phone. The NHS suggests a child should spend at least an hour a day doing rigorous activity. 48% of parents in this study suggested their children didn’t meet this.

You can only hypothesise about the long-term affect of children leading more sedentary lives. I have seen the affect this has had on hundreds if not thousands of adults, many of which come in when their posture has changed, the shoulders have rounded, the mid back is hunched and the pain has set in.

Happy kids after Chiropractic check up

Happy kids after their Chiropractic check up

So what can you do?

Here are some simple rules that should help break the pattern that we’re seeing (this is coming from someone who doesn’t have kids, I know it’s written far easier than it’s implemented!):

  1. Limit the amount of time spent on any device
  2. Get them more active
  3. Lead by example
  4. Teach them to sit properly (we can help you)
  5. Seek professional advice if concerned (i.e. a Chiropractor)

We offer free posture health talks every Wednesday evening and free child checks to anyone under the age of 16. So, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting your child checked!

Call our team on 01179741501, or click to find out more about our Bristol Chiropractors.


  • Tamsin Oliver says:

    Hi Matt, I would love you to look at my 10year old daughter Matilda’s posture. I am forever berating her for sitting hunched over her homework/supper/book and I hope a firm word from you about her posture might sink in! Also, I am suffering from my on-going neck issues and need an appointment please. I finish work at 6pm on Monday, 7pm tues-thurs and free all day Fridays- or weekends. I can call if that is easier?! From Tamsin x

  • Kay Leslie says:

    Two weeks ago I something twang in my lower back when bending over. The area was lower right side, just off centre towards the hip. Shortly afterwards I began to feel a dull ache and my mobility was restricted for a few days. However, after that my mobility improved and I thought I was getting back to normal. Then last week whilst sitting in the passenger seat of our car I felt a searing pain down my right outside upper leg and hip. It felt like my leg it was going into a spasm. No amount of wriggling or stretching seemed to ease the pain or the spasm and as we were on the motorway in a traffic jam I couldn’t get out and stretch it so the pain and spasm was prolonged. After almost a week in agony, there has been a slight improvement in the pain, less spasms, and my medication has been reduced, but I have noticed a numbness in my inner top thigh at the groin area (but not the groin itself)’ down the front of my thigh, only to the knee and the outside of my right thigh. It almost feels like something is trapped. My back is still sore, but I’m not in agony and both leg and back are almost free of pain onw walking. Sitting and trying to sleep on my right or left side at night a different matter. Sitting is only managable if I sit bolt upright and can only lie on my back to sleep. I also have occasional shooting pains run down my thing if I move or twist too quickly. I am also taking less medication during the day, but still the same amout at night and I still have a hot water bottle under my buttock wher the whole thing began as this seems to soothe that area and help me sleep, albeit only on my back. I should say that I have felt a twang in the same region a number of times during the years, but before I have always felt completely back to normal in a few days. Any suggestions of what might be wrong would be very appreciated. At the moment I’m just attending my GP.



  • Charles Herbert says:

    Hello Kay,
    Thank you for your comment. It sounds, from what you’ve described, like you’ve got an ongoing issue in your back that has worsened. I suggest you get it assessed properly by a reputable Chiropractor in your area. Also read this blog What is a ‘trapped nerve’? for more info.

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