21 Apr 2022

“Are You Going To Crack My Spine Like the Videos Online?”

Neck adjustment Kasa Chiropractic Bristol

We see a lot of patients who have never seen a chiropractor before but have watched plenty of ‘cracking’ videos online. They can be addictive, like people obsess over ‘pimple popping’ – not my cup of tea personally.

The reactions to them are very split. We have those that can’t wait for their first chiropractic adjustment, occasionally some who have no symptoms and are just there to check it out for themselves. Then there are those that have a fear about it but are there as they’re in pain and are willing to try anything.

So what is that popping noise?

Let’s start with what it’s not! It’s not bones rubbing together, it’s not unnatural and it’s definitely not anything breaking.

The popping noise is actually an air bubble, or vacuum. Your joints are filled with fluid in a sack. As we move a stuck joint, with a quick adjustment, a space opens up between the joints. This space then closes and makes a popping noise. It’s similar to the noise made when you open champagne or a fizzy drink.

So, more importantly, does it hurt when you go to a chiropractor?

Honestly, it shouldn’t. A skilfully delivered adjustment does not hurt and actually feels great. Naturally, if your joint is inflamed and in a lot of pain, any movement can be a little sore.

So, despite some being put off by the videos, there’s a big difference between seeing someone else having it done and receiving an adjustment. Initial fears quite quickly disappear and the feel good of the adjustment replaces it.

So why not give it a try. Our patients and research will tell you it’s the best for a lot of symptoms – back and neck pain, headaches and sciatica, improving mobility and getting back doing what you really want to do. And who knows, you may just love that feeling.