21 Feb 2023

“Has My Body Always Felt Like This?”

By Charles Herbert
Chiropractic adjustment

Are You Ignoring the Signs?

It’s so big, I’d say “you can’t miss it”.

But because it’s so big, people often do and think it’s just a generic graphic we’ve used to ‘spice up’ a plain wall. Whenever a patient finally realises that it’s actually me in that picture, with an adjustment table in the middle of Park Street, giving a chiropractic adjustment, it makes me think about the way we can often become ‘blind’ to the symptoms of poor health. 

Just like how when someone walks past that photo every time they come to see us, they almost stop seeing it after a while. Even though the wall is about 8 x 3 metres! So if they’ve not realised what the picture is, and they don’t notice it the first time they come in, they’ll probably never notice.

But when they do, they have one of those “oh sh*t, how did I miss that?” moments. Often someone has been in the room 5-10 times until they ask: “has that always been there?”.

“Listen to your body when it starts talking to you”

And that explains how we can put up with migraines, aches and pains, and all the niggly symptoms of poor health, and begin to accept them as part of our daily life (or just dose up on painkillers to keep them at bay). Until someone helps us connect the dots and the realisation smacks you in the face.

If Your Body Is Talking Pain, Think Chiropractic Adjustment

We don’t have to notice all the fine details in life, like how a wall is decorated, but it makes sense to listen to your body when it starts talking to you. Especially when it talks to you loudly. Your body has one main language to talk to you and that’s often pain. 

If your body is talking to you right now, then visit Kasa Chiropractic to find out what the cause is. Chiropractic could be the first step in balancing your body out so you don’t need to ignore those niggles and aches. It’s especially great for lower back pain

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